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The Spotlight on "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway"

by Rasi A on Aug 31, 2023

A New Must-See Play:
Coming this fall to the Edgemar Center for the Arts is "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway." Produced by the Rainbow Theatre Company, this play offers a riveting glimpse into the lives of theatre professionals. Dive into the story of the Isaacs, a unique family of actors, living just a stone’s throw away from Broadway.

About the Play:
Written by the talented Henry Jaglom and directed by Gary Imhoff, this play is already creating a buzz. It masterfully combines elements of family, culture, and the theatre world, making it a must-watch.

Tanna Frederick's Take on the Play

Frederick's Insight:
Tanna Frederick, a renowned actress and long-time collaborator with Jaglom, is all praise for the play. Calling it one of Henry's best works, she highlights the play’s unique blend of romanticism and dark undertones. For her, it captures the essence of chasing dreams.

A Tale of Two Daughters:
The core of the play revolves around two daughters from a theatre-loving family, spanning seven generations. Their journey of introspection, amidst a backdrop of seasoned actors, is captivating.

A Play Resonating with Artists

Artists’ Reflection:
Frederick believes "Just 45 Minutes" will deeply resonate with the theatre community. The characters on stage represent those who have passionately pursued theatre, be it for a single play or spanning 60 years. This play serves as a touching homage to them.

Artistry and Sacrifice:
Each character confronts the sacrifices they've made for art. Yet, they find beauty in their choices. Frederick remarks, "This drive supersedes being famous." In essence, it's a nod to the purity of artistic pursuit.

Behind the Scenes

Creating a Family:
There's more to this play than just the script. The cast members have formed genuine bonds, echoing the unity depicted on stage. Frederick highlights how the actors truly embody their roles, making rehearsals a joy. There’s even talk of one actress considering wearing a pumpkin dress for an autumn-themed scene, bringing a fashionable flair to the set.

Director’s Magic Touch:
Gary Imhoff, the director, plays a pivotal role in molding this play into a masterpiece. Praised for his patience and expertise, he guides the actors seamlessly, allowing them to bring their unique essence to their roles.

Concluding Thoughts

A Mirror to Theatre Community:
"Just 45 Minutes" doesn’t just tell a story; it holds a mirror up to the theatre community. It celebrates the choices made by artists, reminding them of the community's unity.

An Inviting Appeal:
For those who appreciate theatre, and even those new to it, this play offers an enriching experience. So, mark your calendars, buy a ticket, and perhaps even wear your favorite pumpkin dress to the show. Dive into a world of dreams, sacrifices, and pure love for art.