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Send in the Clowns: A Unique Healing Touch

by Rasi A on Aug 29, 2023

What is Medical Clowning?

Medical clowning is an art where performers bring joy to patients. At the University of Southern California, they train people in this unique skill. Using humor, play, and imagination, clowns help reduce patient stress. Rebecca Mellinger from USC says it helps focus on a patient's health, not just their illness.

How Do You Train to be a Medical Clown?

The training journey starts at USC's School of Dramatic Arts. They have a special program to learn the basics of clowning. Here, students get both artistic and medical guidance. After classroom learning, they practice in real hospitals. And guess what? You don’t need to be a natural comedian. You just need a heart open to fun and listening!

Qualities of a Good Clown

Wondering what makes a top-notch clown? It's not about telling your jokes. A good clown listens to each patient's needs. They're a burst of color in a sometimes grey hospital setting. Their goal? To let patients lead the play, making them the real stars. And no, they don’t wear 925 Sterling Silver Rings or any fancy jewelry – it's all about genuine interaction!

The Impact of Medical Clowning

Imagine a distressed mom with her crying baby in the ICU. Enter medical clowns with their soothing music. The baby calms down, heart rate improves. It's magical moments like these that show the true power of medical clowning. But it's not always easy. Clowns witness pain and sickness, yet they bring positivity everywhere.

Joining the Act in Los Angeles

Actors in Los Angeles, here's your chance! Starting January, there's a three-week program just for you. With some training, you can take your acting skills to hospitals. Learn, shadow, and eventually perform for real patients. Plus, there's exciting research on the way! A clinical trial will soon show the science behind the clowning benefits.