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Cornerstone’s Fresh Perspective on the School Lunch Lady

by Rasi A on Aug 29, 2023

Introducing Lunch Lady Courage

The play "Lunch Lady Courage" by Cornerstone Theater Company takes a deep dive into the world of the school lunch lady. It doesn’t stick to pop culture images or make fun, but sheds light on real experiences. Peter Howard, the talented playwright, listened to true stories from teachers, students, and food workers, presenting a genuine picture of their lives.

Addressing Real Challenges

The play uncovers challenges schools face, like balancing study time with nutrition periods. Both are crucial for a student's growth. Howard emphasizes that food shouldn’t be seen as a break but an integral part of education. He also touches on the three pillars of school meals: what kids like, the budget, and following federal rules. Mentioning the National School Lunch Act, the play proves that feeding students is complex.

LAHSA's Role in the Play

The story was crafted with help from various Los Angeles schools, especially LAHSA, which beautifully blends theater into classroom learning. Interestingly, the play is being showcased at LAHSA, showing the students’ passion for the arts. Not only do these students perform, but they also get involved behind the scenes, like designing costumes, maybe even stylish ones like 925 Sterling Silver Rings!

Embracing The Acting Experience

It’s impressive how some participants, like Frank Boeheim, handle both their daily jobs and acting in the play. While he finds acting interesting, he feels his true calling is elsewhere. This shows that everyone involved is passionate about sharing the story, even if it means long hours and new challenges.

Taking Inspiration from the Classics

Bertolt Brecht’s iconic work "Mother Courage and Her Children" inspired the creation of "Lunch Lady Courage". While it isn’t a direct adaptation, Howard feels that the essence remains. Students engaged with the classic, learning how to authentically represent diverse people on stage. Chris Anthony, the director, believes that young artists should always speak their minds, a sentiment echoed throughout this play.

This look into the school lunch system provides a fresh, human perspective. It reminds everyone of the importance of each role in a student’s life and the complex decisions behind every meal.